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The Aquarius Home Elevator, Porch Lift or Wheelchair lift has one moving part that is non-corrosive, no over head equipment, no pulleys, no cables, virtually maintenance free,designed for the abusive coastal climate. The amazing water hydraulic outdoor elevator for residential homes.

Ask us about Testimonies from customers of 1 to 30 years of service. This will tell the story on longevity of our Non-Corrosive out door beach house elevators.

The Aquarius Hydraulic Lift Model  AQUAVATOR  is designed to serve private residences and comply with the elevator safety code A18.1. A hydraulic cylinder raises and lowers the car between two or three floors paragraph 5.7.1.

The cylinder is of a sufficient diameter to reduce the pressure requirement and is hydraulically powered and controlled by economical, high efficiency pumps and valves.

Passenger Car
An enclosed platform with a floor space of 12-18 square feet that transports people between two or three floors.

Car access at each floor
A gate mechanism at the entry point on each of the floors controls passenger entry and egress to the car to allow this only when the car is safely at that floor.

Cylinder/Plunger in the ground and under the car
The cylinder is fabricated from PVC pipe with a nominal diameter of 6,8,10 inches. This pipe is rated 200 pounds per square inch and complies with ASTM standards. The cylinder is constructed of schedule 80 PVC 1120 pipe.

The pipe is extruded with Type 1, Grade 1, 2000 pounds per square inch design stress compound meeting ASTM D-1784. The pipe is designed to withstand, without failure, the quick burst test for each rated class, ASTM D-1599.

This is generally 3.15 times the rated capacity of the pipe and is over 12.5 times the pressure for this application. The pipe is designed to withstand, without failure, the sustained pressure tests for 1,000 hours of each rated class, ASTM-1598.

This is generally 2.1 times the rated capacity and is nearly 8.5 times the pressure for this application. Embedded with the plunger are rods of steel. These rods function under compression and are class 200 (SDR 21, class 160 (SDR 26), schedule 80 and schedule 40 with nominal diameters of 6 inches.

The external surface of the pipe is the sealing surface. The pipe itself serves as a waterproof sheath for the steel reinforced column that actually does the work and carries the load.

The rod and piston seals and the rod wipers are fabricated from a dry lubricant for built-in internal lubricity plus good compatibility with the lubing properties of the working fluids. The seals and wipers are generally rated for 5,000 pounds per square inch (psi) working pressure that is approximately 200 times the normal maximum operating pressure for this application.

The system is engineered for the harshest weather that coastal areas can endure; The Porch Lift has one moving part that is non-corrosive; it is designed to be submerged under salt water and still operate

Reservoir of water
A reservoir holds the supply of water when it is not pumped into the cylinder surrounding the plunger.

Pump to raise the elevator car
An electric pump moves the water from the reservoir to the hydraulic cylinder to expel the plunger and raise the car.

Valves to lower the elevator car
An electrically controlled valve allows water to flow from the hydraulic cylinder back to the reservoir to allow the plunger and car to lower.

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