Company: Boat Owners Association of The United States

Thank you for the opportunity to share the experience I had working with Mort and Aquarius.  Following my dad’s stroke in 1994, we were under the gun to install a lift into dad’s house.  Your dad, Mort’s concern, dedication, responsiveness and doing what he said he would do when he said he would do it, is an indication as to the reliability of your product.

I am truly amazed at the ingenious design.  The salt air environment on the island requires constant maintenance and eventual replacement of steel products.  The lift was never plagued with any such problems and is a good choice for the sea air environment, was almost maintenance free.  What a great design.

Good luck on carrying on the Aquarius legacy of great service and supplying great products.  I am certain you will be quite successful with many very happy customers like my dad and me.

William M. Oakerson



   Company: The Furniture Connection


It was great to speak with you about our lift.  If you would have told me 23 years ago about how tough and dependable our freight lift would turn out to be, I would not have believed you.  Our freight lift was installed in November 1983.  Since that time, it has had continuous heavy usage.  We routinely work it hard to the point of abuse.  The lift is an amazing product.

Through it all, it has never failed us. Maintainence wise, all we have had to do is have the seals and wipers replaced every five to seven years aand we have replaced a few pumps. It is an extremely dependable work horse that has helped us to be successful.

Should you have potential customers who want to see our elevator or talk to me, you are welcome to tell them to call or stop by.

I am pleased to give you, your products, and your staff my highest and unqualified recomendation.

Mark Volpi

Company: Shalimar Farms

Since 2001, we have been blessed with having an Aquarius Lift for our beach house.  Diana requires a lift due to her limited mobilty, but it is also extremely beneficial moving luggage and her beach wheelchair.  Throughout we have experienced satisfactory performace from Aquarius Lifts and received excellent prompt response.  Following Hurrican Ivan, we lost everything under our home from the 12-15′ surges. We experienced no structural damage or corrosion to our lift. We have definately benefited from your design. One of the most useful aspects of the system is the ability to operate the lift with city water pressure only, when our electrical service is interupted.

Arthur Christensen

Paul and Kaye Doyle


‘STORM PROOF’ is a trademark you might consider adding to your marketing material.  Who would have ever thought that your lift would need so little maintenace after Hurricane Katrina destroyed so much of our property?  We will always sing your praises for your lift design and dependability, but more importantly for your quick response, fairness and genuine concern.

We would be very pleased if you shared this letter with any potential clients.  The American ‘Can Do’ spirit is alive and well, and it is nice to do business with a company that embodies that spirit.

Kaye and Paul Doyle



I would recommend Aquarius Home Elevators & Lifts to anyone that is going to purchase an elevator for their home. From the first time we met until the elevator was installed, they were friendly, responsive, and made sure we clearly understood each step involved. We will always show our lift to anyone who is interested in the Aquarius product.

Jerry Scott


I really appreciate the helpful attitude at Aquarius Home Elevators & Lifts. When I have a question, they are always there to answer my call and that is important to me. I use my home elevator many times a day and I am happy to know that your company is dependable. We were thinking about moving until we purchased our lift. Now we can live in this home the rest of our lives and the stairs are no longer a problem.



Hank Davis – Davis Construction

Aquarius Home Elevators recently completed two projects for our company.  Both projects were completed on time and on budget.  We selected Aquarius as our elevator company based on their reputation in our community to a deliver a professional high quality product.  Our projects proceeded smoothly and we are completely satisfied with the final product.

Hank Davis